A.S.A.P. – A Street Activist’s Perspective is Deric Muhammad’s very first self-published book. It is a compilation of soul-stirring opinion editorials that cover a number of issues plaguing the Black community. He addresses social, political, cultural, spiritual and economic issues in a way that is reflective of his position as a street activist. This is a must-read for all of Black America.


 Here is an excerpt from Chapter 1: “THE A.S.A.P. MENTALITY”

“Black people in America have many issues. This book focuses on some of the most critical of our time. While it is meant to create meaningful dialogue, my real motive is to create in us a sense of NOW in addressing these issues. In so many ways we have become ‘jaded’ toward our own suffering. We make mockery of our own destructive behavior. Through television shows like ‘Love & Hip Hop’, as well as ‘Scandal’, we promote that which demotes the dignity of our community. This book is small in size; but so is a match. The size of a fire is never limited to the size of the match that lights the fire. In cities all across America and beyond we must come together as a people and create a ‘let’s get it done’ mentality when it comes to addressing our issues, mapping out a strategy to solve our problems and executing a plan with perfect precision.”