If you ask Houston businessman Jason Hanna if electronic cigarettes are here to stay he would give you a resounding yes.

Hanna owns and operates Smoke Dreamz in Houston with two locations.

The entrepreneur says he has seen a steady increase in the number of people buying e-cigs and vaporizers in his smoke shop on Richmond Avenue.


He says fewer people are buying what he calls analog or tobacco cigarettes.

Hanna says people are looking for a way to kick the smoking habit and he sees e-cigs as the most popular option since the patch.

But the growth in sales at Hanna’s shop may not reflect a national trend.

Bloomberg news reports e-cig sales around the country are seeing a slight decline.

National numbers show while their has been steady growth over the last five years sales fell off over the summer by 2%.

There were $1.7 billion in vapor and e-cigs sales in 2013…that’s part of a $100 billion dollar nicotine sales industry.