Update: Lt. Brady Fitzgerald with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s office says this is just someone following the movie and trying to get people scared. He says their department has been monitoring the person who posted it on Intagram for Montgomery County. Fitzgerald also says the purge event appears to be a party but the person has not disclosed the location as of yet.

I have had over 100,000 people visit my blog to read the warning an anonymous person posted about a so called ‘purge’ in Texas.

The Purge ia based off of a movie where people are allowed to kill and commit crimes for a 12 hour period in America.

In the film the purge is sanctioned by the government.

However, common sense tells you there is no officially sanctioned purge planned anywhere in these United States.

But one should be very concerned about those who may have a loose screw and try to make life imitate art.

As a result I have placed several calls to law enforcement agencies in the Houston area to see if they have been made aware of the so called purge threat on August 29th.

Jodi Silva, with the Houston Police Department, says she had not heard about the threat and she would check with investigators to determine if they have been made aware of the 12 hour event from 6 am to 6 pm.

I also placed a call to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s office and I’m waiting on a return call from Lt. Brady Fitzgerald.

This purge warning is likely a hoax but since so many of you have asked me to get answers that’s what I’m doing.

I will keep you posted!