On August 30, 2014 hip-hop artist Baby Jay will release online his anticipated music video “Is It Worth It (Don’t Drink & Drive, Don’t Text & Drive) .

“I’m honored to be able to continue to use my talents to inspire and impact young lives with my music projects. For the past couple of years many organizations have been doing a great job creating increase awareness regarding the dangers of texting and driving which are wonderful. Drinking & Driving is still taking away many lives and I felt that creating a rap song and music video to discourage both drinking & driving and texting & driving was very important for me to bring to schools, communities and my fans especially in the Harris County area,” said Jonathan Gutierrez aka “Baby Jay”.

“According to the Texas Department of Transportation’s most recent statistics, Harris County has the highest rate of alcohol-related traffic fatalities among large counties in Texas and in the nation.” “Alcohol is by far the biggest drug problem in America. It contributes to more crashes and more highway deaths than cocaine, heroin and every other illegal drug combined. The safest strategy for any driver—especially teens—is to avoid any substance that can impair driving.

“(DriveItHome.Org) “My manager and I felt the perfect timing to release this special music video online was on Labor Day weekend to end “100 Deadliest Days” on a positive note and to kick off the school year with awareness of safe driving,” said Jonathan Gutierrez aka “Baby Jay”. “100 Deadliest Days” kicks off on Memorial Day and ends on Labor Day.  

“Working together with San Jacinto College Film & Video program on this special music video project was a positive learning experience for their students. We also couldn’t have done this music video without the support of Bayshore Medical Center, Compean Funeral home, the city of Galena Park and many others! This was truly a collaborative effort from caring individuals who all believe in the vision of this impactful music video, said Rolando Cuellar”. On Saturday, September 13th, The City of Jacinto City along with the city of Galena Park will debut live the music video during their Jacinto City Movie Night at 1022 Mercury Drive which is open Free to the public! The debut of the music video will be cohosted by Constable Chris Diaz, Mayor Esmeralda Moya and others to be announced. Baby Jay will also be present for pictures and autographs!