I am writing you to beg you to please help us in finding our beloved pet. Her name is Gummie Bear, she is a 6 month old female english bulldog puppy that was stolen from us on July 26th from the Common Threads building located in Richmond Texas. I have filed a police report, I have a detective working on it. I paid to issue a pet amber alert and hired a private detective today. All of our local and surrounding city police departments, vets and pounds are on the lookout for her. You can even find her in the Fort Bend Herald this Wednesday and Sunday. She is micro-chipped but we still have had no luck. We created her own Facebook page, feel free to take a look at it and possibly share it with family and friends. I would greatly appreciate it if you would please put it on the air. I am all out of options…can you please help me? She has three children at home that cry themselves to sleep every night because they want her back! My contact information is:

Apollonia Lozano 281-935-0042 or Kim Maly 281-235-4697