I was shocked this week when I looked at my dry cleaning bill. What I noticed was an additional charge of $5.25 on my bill for an item listed as an ‘environmental fee’ on the receipt. I was livid and immediately thought this was some type of scam. But as I did more research I found a Texas law that allows dry cleaners to charge us what I call this extra tax in addition to the state and local taxes we already pay. What’s so frustrating about this fee is on a bill that’s $35, it’s higher than state and local taxes put together. We’ve been hit by the man once again. Here’s what I was able to find on the law:

“In 2003, the Texas Legislature established the Dry Cleaner Remediation Program. The program, administered by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, establishes registration requirements, fees and performance standards for dry cleaning facilities and distributors,” the website says. “Some dry cleaners have chosen to pass along the costs of this program to their customers in the form of higher rates for services while others have decided to separately state a line item charge on the invoice or receipt given to their customers for ‘Environmental Fees’ or something similar.”