I call this the worst behavior of the week and it happened election night during a prayer at a very public place…

Three local tv reporters found themselves both verbally and physically attacked by Republican supporters Tuesday night during election coverage at City Centre….

The first reporter was physically attacked by a guy who was angry because that reporter happened to have been live during a prayer at Lt.  Governor Elect Dan Patrick’s watch party at the Norris Conference Centre.


A second reporter was repeatedly shouted at because she was also live during that prayer.

A third female tv reporter was also called a fuckng bitch by another party attendant while the prayer was still going on because that person said the reporter didn’t respect the prayer…that’s after that female reporter tried to stop the attack on her coworker by the other watch party attendant.

This is behavior that is totally unacceptable for a group of people who want others to stop and respect a prayer. What these idiots don’t realize is as reporters we can’t just stop talking live on the air because there is a prayer underway. We can lower our voices a bit but there is no dead air allowed  in the middle of a live report. 

The actions of these watch party attendants was way out of line and hand especially during a prayer. Shame on them AND I RECOMMEND THEY READ THE BIBLE AND EXAMINE THE PART ABOUT NOT HARMING YOUR FELLOW MAN.