Criminal District Attorney Jack Roady announced today that a total of seven DWI arrests were processed through the No Refusal operations based on Galveston Island during last weekend’s Lone Star Rally No Refusal program.

This is a decrease over the last several years. “This year’s Rally weekend total is a dramatic decrease over those of the last two years,” Roady stated.

“2013 saw 17 No Refusal DWI arrests, while 2012 saw eleven such arrests during the weekend. We’re glad to see so many of the Rally participants
choosing to ride sober. And, we give thanks to all of
Galveston County’s men and women in law enforcement who worked hard over the long weekend to keep the riders and citizens safe.”

For the seven DWI cases processed through the No Refusal operations, blood samples
were collected and will be submitted for analysis at the Department of Public Safety’s
Crime Lab. Law enforcement