The battle to keep a Kroger fuel station out of the Woodlands has been lost by the residents who objected to the facility being built by the grocery store chain.

This comes more than a year after Kroger reps told residents they would find an alternate location rather than on Kuykendahl and Bay Bridge in Alden Bridge subdivision.

Those who live in the area say the 24 hour fuel station will bring too much traffic and put the safety of children at risk who attend a nearby school.

However, despite the promise to look elsewhere for a location, Kroger has decided to move forward with their construction plans saying the company could not find another suitable location.

Here’s the statement released by Kroger:

For many years, Kroger has searched for an appropriate property in The Woodlands for a fuel center, so that our customers can benefit from our Fuel Reward Program, which helps customers save money. Across the country, it is our most popular customer perk. We announced plans to build a fuel center at Kuykendahl and Bay Branch in late 2012, but we responded to community concerns and committed to researching alternative properties. Since then, we have explored many retail lots and no property proved feasible. We have continued to receive feedback from customers who were eagerly anticipating a fuel center in The Woodlands and have been waiting for almost two additional years. A traffic light was recently installed at the intersection, which has eased congestion in the area. After much deliberation, we are resuming our plans to build on the property and we will remain faithful to the promises made to the community last year regarding security, preservation of greenery, and product selection. As the original grocer in The Woodlands, we look forward to finally fulfilling our promise to give our local customers a Kroger Fuel Center.

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  1. cliff brown November 12, 2014 8:11 am 

    Kroger did not promise NOT to build there. If they promised anything, it was a co-branded effort to find an alternative site with The Woodlands Corporation (Howard Hughes). If you are going to work up the story, please present it accurately. Or, if you want to join the rest of the blogosphere, don’t let facts get in the way of a flamboyant accusation.

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