On Friday, November14, 2014, at approximately 5:00AM, a Deputy with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division noticed a suspicious vehicle in the area of 9595 Six Pines Drive,in The Woodlands. 

The vehicle was occupied by three individuals and was witnessed drivingslowly in front of a closed business, the Michael Kors store.  The patrol division received a CrimeStoppers’ tip that two to three males were reportedly on their way from the Dallas area, planning to burglarize a Michael Kors store. 

The vehicle was then witnessed driving around the plaza before parking in front of the business.  The driverwas witnessedexiting the vehicle wearing gloves, a hooded sweatshirt, and a bandana over his face.  The driver approached the front of the closed store, looked inside of the store, before returning to his vehicle.  
The Deputy called for additional units to respond to the location. 

Additional units arrived on location and all three occupants of the vehicle were identified.  When Deputies arrived, all three males had masks and gloves in their immediate areainside the vehicleand the trunk of the vehicle was open with a large piece of broken concrete inside.  All three suspects were from the Dallas area.

Property Crimes Detectives were called to the location.  After an investigation, all three males were arrested and charged with attempted burglary of a building and engaging in organized crime.  The investigation is currently on going.   
Arrested Subjects:
Carlos Rodgers,(DOB 07/12/1981)
Roger Ray Wilson, (DOB 07/23/1966)
C.J. Spratt, (DOB 05/17/1977)