The Houston Police Department is conducting an investigation into an incident involving the apparent injury to a juvenile suspect. On Monday (Dec. 8) about 9:30 p.m., off-duty HPD officers were patrolling an apartment in the 8900 block of Glencrest when they were advised that three individuals were trespassing and had concealed themselves in a vacant apartment. When the trespassing suspects refused the officers commands to exit the vacant unit, the officers obtained assistance from an on-duty supervisor and an HPD K9 unit (police service dog).
Despite the on-scene supervisor’s attempts to convince the suspects to exit the apartment and be lawfully detained, the suspects refused. HPD officers, along with a police service dog, then entered the apartment to effect detention and arrest. During an encounter with the juvenile, who was concealing herself in a bathroom, the police service dog bit the juvenile, causing injury. The juvenile received medical attention at the scene and at a local hospital for her injuries. In total, two juveniles were arrested for criminal trespassing and an adult male was arrested for an outstanding felony warrant, criminal trespassing, and possession of marijuana.

Police service dogs are used to assist officers in a number of situations, including searching for concealed suspects. This standard operating practice helps reduce the risk of use of force encounters between officers and suspects and usually does not result in serious injury to suspects or officers. This investigation will focus on the facts of the incident and will also evaluate the practice in terms of mitigating injuries to suspects and officers.


  1. Mark Calhoun December 13, 2014 7:07 am 

    If you DON’T trespass and commit burglary of a habitation, which is what the charge should be since it was an apartment, and, if you DO follow the commands of the police who are trying to arrest you for said burglary/trespass, then you WON’T be bitten by a police dog. A really good lesson on why you shouldn’t commit crimes in the first place and why you should follow the commands of armed, K-9, law enforcement. “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.” Also, anyone who watches TV knows that if they bring the dog and you STILL don’t obey their commands, then you’re going to get bit. The police were justified in any action they took to arrest the criminal.

  2. frank z&k9 thor nj December 15, 2014 3:55 pm 

    +police were trying to conduct an ivestigation -located kids in apt that was vacant and in wich they weren’t on the lease-made proper k9 announcenment witch is proper procedure-k9 does building search -locates suspect/suspects -makes criminal apprehension–oh well when k9 cop say to come out now or you could be bit that’s what they mean–all by the book and according to attorney generals guidelines!!!id like to congradulate the k9 and handler on a great k9 job

  3. Tiny Rimes December 16, 2014 10:52 am 

    ddaayum dat dawg b scary!

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