Attorney Donald Worley wins major judgement

Harris County Texas judge has ruled in favor of plaintiff Honorio Barragan, and issued a judgment awarding damages of approximately $1.36 million in a lawsuit filed by Houston based law firm McDonald Worley on behalf of the plaintiff.  Don Worley led his firm’s team of personal injury attorneys in this case. (CAUSE NO. 2012-49400)

The lawsuit resulted from injuries the plaintiff received following being hired to repair the roof of a commercial building owned by the defendant in Harris County Texas.  The building had an unsafe awning and the defendant was ruled negligent as the conditions posed an unreasonable risk of harm to Mr. Barragan, whom plaintiff’s attorneys argued should have been warned of the danger.

“This case was about providing closure to the Mr. Barragan and giving him his day in court about the wrongs he suffered,” stated Mr. Worley.

According to the firm, under Texas law in circumstances where a commercial building poses an unsafe condition the owner is required to warn of the dangerous conditions and if someone gets hurt, the owner is responsible for damages.

The case documents describe the plaintiff as having stood on the awning to the building at the owner’s instruction when the awning collapsed.  Mr. Barragan fell to the ground and a bucket of hot tar spilled on him causing severe burns.

“We are pleased Mr. Barragan will receive compensation for his injuries and justice from this ruling,” stated lead trial attorneyDon Worley when asked about the judgment.

According to trial transcripts from court records, the plaintiff described suffering from severe mental anguish, permanent scarring, great and ongoing pain, and incurred medical bills in the tens of thousands of dollars.

“The people of Houston have a reasonable expectation of safe conditions and adequate warnings in instances of dangerous environments have the potential of causing injury,” added Mr. Worley.