Football fans in Ohiohave more than just a big win to excite them – some fans are receiving free furniture thanks to the college football championship outcome.  Customers of Ashley Furniture HomeStore and Better Sleep Shops in Columbus, Cincinnati,Dayton, and Florence, KY who purchased more than $1,999 of furniture will be receiving a full refund on their purchases. 

Morris Home Furnishings, the parent company, secured prize coverage from SCA Promotions for its conditional rebate promotion.  Customers were invited to shop at any of the four Morris Home Furnishings stores between December 17 and 30.  If Ohio won the championship game by at least seven points, customers would receive a full refund.  Morris Home Furnishings is now rebating over $1.5 million, paid by SCA Promotions, to lucky customers after Ohio beat Oregon by 22 points on Monday. 

“We had a 20% sales increase during that period,” said a representative with Morris Home Furnishings.  “We launched the promotion the week before Christmas which is typically the slowest week of the year.  This promotion definitely made us stand out during that time and encouraged customers to shop during a time they are normally not shopping for furniture.” 

Customers were thrilled at the outcome and took to social media to celebrate. 

“I’m about to be sleeping real good on my #FreeMattress,” Zac Morrison tweeted. 

“Dear Morris Home Furnishings: thank you,” tweeted Brian Burgemeir.

Morris Home Furnishings also received national media exposure from outlets such as ABC News, USA Today, and FOX Sports thanks to the conditional rebate promotion.

“Sports promotions tied to significant games are a smart way for retailers to use fan loyalty and excitement to their advantage,” said Bill Riley, Account Executive at SCA Promotions who managed the promotion. “Conditional rebate promotions have been proven to increase sales and enhance exposure for stores, allowing them to grab market share from the competition.  The best feature about a conditional rebate promotion is the ability for it to catch fire and capture attention, anticipation, and generate thousands…or sometimes even millions of impressions in a crowded marketplace.” 

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Tanya Mathis, SCA Promotions