A group of students who stood up for their rights are learning the hard way that being proactive is not always welcomed with open arms.

Jolanda Jones confirms just over a half dozen students who walked out of Jack Yates High School recently have been suspended.

Jones says those students have received various forms of punishment from in school suspension to home suspension.

The students walked out of Jack Yates because they felt the school was dangerous and the district failed to address the problem of gang violence.

Jones tells the Factor: My role is to make sure that regardless of how you feel about any of the parents of any of the students who walked out that the only thing that matters is the students and whether HISD treated them equally to other students in HISD who have walked out for whatever reason. It’s important to remember that these students have said that they walked out because they want to have a safe learning environment. I don’t understand how anyone can begrudge them for that.

HISD Statement:

The safety of students and staff at Yates High School is a top priority for campus and district administrators, as well as HISD Police. We have strong monitoring systems in place that allow officials to keep a close eye on students, and we are working together to ensure everyone feels safe and teaching and learning continue, uninterrupted.

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  1. Anonymous February 12, 2015 9:55 pm 

    In my opinion, HISD wants to eradicate all African American students from their district! Yes, it sounds crazy but why did they shut down all densely populated Black students schools? I love all people but why are there brand new school buildings and great programs in densely populated Hispanic neighborhoods? It seems like a conspiracy. Isiah do a story on the comparison of new schools in heavily populated Hispanic neighborhoods vs African American ones.

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