It’s cop versus cop in the small college town of Prairie View.  It was back in 2013 when former Prairie View A&M officer Carita Holmes was arrested for felony theft.  The police chief at Prairie View alleges Holmes stole her coworkers wedding band valued at $6,000. 


Sgt. Howard Sylve working a scene


Sgt. Howard Sylve from LinkedIn

That co-worker, fellow officer Sgt. Howard Sylve, says he left his wedding ring in the restroom at the Prairie View police station and it disappeared.

He says when he remembered to retrieve it the wedding band was gone. 

Police Chief Zena Stephens says when she arrived at Prairie View as the new top cop she immediately confronted Holmes who admitted to having the ring but said she found it outside of the police department.

The 42 year old former cop was charged with a felony and arrested. 

Her trial was scheduled to get underway this month but was put on hold because the court could not find enough jurors.

A new trial has not been set. 

We’ll keep you update.


  1. inside scoop February 9, 2015 7:41 pm 

    A story of sex, lies, deceit, corruption And retaliation. This has nothing to do with theft. The accused had no access to the men’s restroom and was not working. Its Basic investigations. Who what, when, where, how, and why. We’ve heard it before if it doesn’t fit you must acquit. There Is more to come stay tuned It better than Scandal.

  2. Disturbed Officer February 9, 2015 9:50 pm 

    This Officer is such a liar. You can check his past work history as an officer. Google this guy he’s no victim. He has managed to kill a unarmed person, make false reports, have inappropriate relationships with a coworker and still wear the badge. History has a tendency to repeat itself.

  3. The Truth February 11, 2015 3:05 am 

    Texas A&M System Chancellor (John Sharp) should request the Texas Rangers to take the lead and clean up this mess at Prairie View A&M University Police Department. The command staff is incompetent and that students has expressed a lack of confidence in the police department command leadership. How can Prairie View A&M University president sleep at night and allowing this mess to play out in court. Someone just needs to request an open records request for all the unsolved sexual assaults, drugs, weapons, and etc. has been dismissed by the Waller County District Attorney Office within the last 15 years. The media should just asked Waller County DA’s Office how many felony or misdemeanor cases has been dismissed because of the incompetent of Prairie View A&M University Police Department criminal investigators; but the want to pursue felony charges on a fellow officer over some found property. If you’re paying attention to this posted comment, if Texas A&M System just take a minute and look into the Prairie View A&M University Police Department command staff background from the chief police to patrol sergeant; it’s all in on paper.

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