It was late last year when the Factor first reported there were several thefts under investigation at Metro Rail Operations center.

Now we have learned two employees have been arrested.

Metro officials and court records show one employee was arrested for theft of the transportation company’s wood rail cross ties and another has been charged with stealing a welder generator. 


Those employees are identified as 45 year old Reginald Ratcliff who worked as a Metro’s track chief. 

Also charged was 57 year old Fred Anthony Burton. 

He served as a track maintenance supervisor at the operations center on West Bellfort. 

Metro’s own police force investigated this case.

“I want to thank the METRO employees who came forward to help with the MPD investigation into missing surplus rail ties and tools at the Rail Operations Center. That investigation resulted in the termination of two employees. This type of conduct will not be tolerated at METRO and we commend the District Attorney’s Office for filing charges against the two former METRO employees.”