Attorneys for 43 year old Herman Whitfield will be back in court Wednesday for an update and conference on his case.

The man who was already serving prison time for an older kidnapping case has now been charged with 5 sexual assaults through DNA testing.

A reliable source says the Sunny Side resident came back positive with hits on at least 21 rape cases dating back to the 1990s. 

We’re told 19 of the victims are still alive and could be waiting on a day of justice.

Whitfield is currently being held in the Harris County jail after he was ordered removed to face the new growing list of charges by the state.

So far we have not heard back from Whitfield’s defense attorney.

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  1. Matthew Murphy February 10, 2015 8:42 pm 

    I just left the Harris county jail system for another p.o.m. case and once again they failed in every aspect of every life asset even a real criminal deserves(which I am not one). Let’s start with the Bologna they give us(once again lol saw that episode awhile back). Smelled like rubber, plastic and sawdust. And of course they’re signature green/frozen texture. Now on to processing in/out. As always the wonderful concrete or metal which drives you literally insane to sleep on for 4 days coming in and leaving took about 15 hours (with no food and only piss water to drink) Not to mention the older male seizuring while two guards chuckled away. Really sad and pathetic what I encountered. Please put a end to this horrible hell it needs to change. Thanks for your time

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