Yesterday a jury convicted William Cody Thompson of two counts of the 3rd degree felony charge of possession of child pornography.  Today the jury sentenced Thompson to 10 years in the Institutional Division of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for one count and 10 years of probation for the second count.

Agents with the Houston Metro Internet Crimes Against Children task force conducted an investigation of the defendant. 

Based off of their investigation a search warrant was obtained for the defendant’s residence. 

In 2013 Officer’s executed the search warrant and reported that the defendant had child pornography on multiple computer devices. 

Evidence of thousands of pictures and videos depicting child pornography was introduced at trial.

Thompson was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Adam Poole in the 56th District Court, with Judge Lonnie Cox presiding, and Angela Taylor representing the defendant. 

After the jury convicted Thompson of two counts of possession of child pornography, the jury heard punishment evidence. 

Prosecutor Poole introduced evidence of the defendant’s prior court-martial conviction for possession of child pornography while the defendant was serving in the Marines. 

During sentencing, Judge Lonnie Cox granted prosecutor Poole’s request that the Court order the Defendant’s sentences to run consecutively. As a result of the consecutive sentences the defendant will be required to complete the 10 year prison sentence before beginning the 10 year probation sentence.