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‘Team USO BBQ’ To Treat Troops and Military Families to Food and Entertainment at the Houston Rodeo BBQ Cook-off 

More than 1,000 troops to receive complimentary access to tent presented by Direct Energy

WHAT: USO Houston will host hundreds of military service members and their families in the “Team USO BBQ” tent at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo’s World’s Championship Barbeque Contest. The Team USO BBQ tent is presented by Direct Energy for the third straight year. 

WHEN: Friday, February 27, 2015, noon – 11:00 p.m. 
            Saturday, February 28, 2015, noon – 11:00 p.m.

WHERE: NRG Stadium, Two NRG Park, Houston, Texas 77054. Blue Lot, Space C-714, Los Vaqueros Trail at NRG Stadium Way

WHY: The USO is competing at the Houston Rodeo’s BBQ Cook-off in order to express the public’s appreciation for and to entertain local troops and their families. 

   Guests: Military service members and their families will be granted complimentary access to the private Team USO BBQ tent. Guests must present valid military ID or donor pass for tent entry.  

   Cooks & Competitors:  The Cypress, Texas-based Gettin’ Sauced Cookers will compete out of the Team USO BBQ tent, as well as cater for the hundreds of military guests. Competing out of the USO’s second space is barbeque legend Johnny Trigg, winner of 63 Grand Championships, two-time winner of the Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue, multiple winner of the Kansas City Barbeque Society’s Team of the Year, and featured competitor on the BBQ Pitmasters television show.  
   Live Entertainment: Live musical entertainment will be provided inside the Team USO BBQ tent from the Jared Waggoner Band, Gary Kyle, Pat Ryan Band, Jay Warren, Darby Shawn, Leo Mendoza and David Payne.
   Underwriters:  Direct Energy is the presenting underwriter of Team USO BBQ, with major support from exclusive grocery donor Kroger, troops and military family underwriter US Family Health Plan, and stage and entertainment donor Highway 1 Music. Other supporters include Coca-Cola, Joe Myers Ford, Regions Bank, H & H Tents, Whitmeyer’s Distillery Co., Texas Crown, and Julie Luna Images. 






How to contact PTSD Foundation of America:

9724 Derrington Rd
Houston, TX 77064

Send donations and mail
to the Mailing Address

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 690748
Houston, TX 77269

Phone Numbers
PTSD Veteran Line:
1-877-717-PTSD (7873)
Office: 1-832-912-4429


Harris County investigators say 23 year old Jamie DeLaCruz was performing a massage on a female client at the end of January at the Massage Envy on FM 1960 when he went too far.

It was there the woman said while receiving her treatment the 23 year old’s put his finger in her private area for about 5 seconds.

We stopped by the shop where the franchise owner refused to speak.

DeLaCruz has admitted guilt and was charged with sexual assault and is being held on a $30,000 bond.


“The therapist involved in this incident violated our Code of Conduct and Zero Tolerance Policy, which is the foundation of our commitment to ensure our guests have a safe and professional experience when they visit our franchised locations. 

Massage Envy Spa is diligent in monitoring franchisee compliance with our Zero Tolerance Policy, and we are currently investigating the franchisee’s handling of this incident to ensure our Zero Tolerance Policy was followed in every respect.”

Massage Envy



The Oak Forest Homeowners Association strongly encourages Texas Central Railway, and community and elected officials, to focus on alternative routes for the proposed high speed train project between Houston and Dallas.

“Oak Forest, and the surrounding community, has quickly become one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Houston.  Building an elevated structure, roughly 40-60 feet tall, directly through our neighborhood, would have a dramatic impact on property values, resident’s quality of life, and the safety of our community,” said Phil Simmons, President of the Oak Forest Homeowners Association.

“While we do not oppose the concept of high speed rail in Texas, there are alternative routes available that just make more sense.  With only about 5% of Houston jobs located Downtown, a centrally located area, like Northwest Mall, would be an ideal location for a train terminal.  It is located close to all the major Houston business districts, and has the available space to adequately support the infrastructure such a project would require.”

“When you think of an ideal location to build high speed rail, do you envision it through an established, residential area, or do you envision it along existing mass transit corridors?  We look forward to working with Texas Central Railway and other community leaders to find some common sense solutions that make this project work for everyone,” Simmons concluded.

Located just outside the 610 Loop, Oak Forest is the third largest subdivision in Harris County and includes over 5,500 homes.


Houston Model Kaya Pickens walks at the Negris Lebrum Fall 2015 Runway Show during Mercedes- Benz Fashion Week Fall 2015 at the Stollway Event Space  on Feb. 15th  in New York City. (Getty Image).


The citizens of Prairie View, Texas are holding a Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at 6:00 pm at the City Hall building. This Town Hall meeting is necessary due to the recent number of FOUR murders and other drug related crimes in this small university city.





If you’re one of those people who expected the grand opening of Krispy Kreme to take place next week…I have bad news.

While the return to Houston is still happening for the donut shop it has been stalled a bit by permitting issues which has held up the completion of the structure on Highway 6 in Northwest Houston.

We’re told the anticipating opening date for the store will be during the Spring of 2015.

So let’s just keep our fingers crossed!



Press Release from Montgomery County Precinct 4:

Around 5:30 p.m. Thursday, a Montgomery County Precinct 4 Deputy Constable responded to a call at the Porter Walmart regarding a welfare concern.

The reportee said a white man was asleep in his pickup truck, with the vehicle running and in reverse. The caller had tried unsuccessfully to wake the man, later identified as 20-year-old Christopher Shirley of Conroe.
Montgomery County Hospital District medics also responded, and were already on scene when the deputy arrived. As the deputy approached the scene, he saw a silver pickup had backed into the rear of a Honda sedan. By then, Shirley was out of the truck and according to medics, said he was “high.”

The deputy made contact with Shirley and noticed he was squinting and his speech was very slurred. Shirley also had difficulty walking. The deputy administered the Standardized Field Sobriety Test, which Shirley failed.  He admitted he was already impaired when he drove to Walmart.

The deputy had EMS check Shirley for health concerns before transporting him to the Precinct 4 office to begin the booking process. Shirley was so impaired, he appeared to be dozing off while standing when the deputy took his photograph as part of the office booking process. The on-duty supervisor then transported Shirley to Kingwood ER for a blood draw and then to the Montgomery County Jail in Conroe.

Christopher Jordan Shirley is charged with Driving While Intoxicated.
Citizens are urged to contact law enforcement as someone did in the situation, which prevented an extremely impaired driver from leaving the parking lot and may have saved a life or lives.


Representative Gene Wu (D-Houston) filed a bill to create a new Class C misdemeanor penalty range for the possession of small amounts of Marijuana. House Bill 325 will make possession of up to 0.35 ounces or 9.9222 grams of Marijuana punishable by a fine of no more than $500.


“Arrests for very small amounts of Marijuana drain law enforcement resources and divert valuable time away from addressing more serious public safety concerns, like Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) and Domestic Violence offenses, ” said Wu. “Defendants serving time for low-level Marijuana possession add to jail overcrowding and deplete county coffers without adding to overall community safety. Counties must also provide attorneys to all indigent defendants charged with Class B Marijuana possession; but not for defendants in Class C cases.”

Currently in Texas, possession of up to two ounces or less of Marijuana is a Class B misdemeanor; punishable by up to 6-months in jail, and a fine of up to $2,000. In 2013 alone, Texas law enforcement made over 70,000 arrests for Marijuana possession, accounting for over half of all drug arrests and nearly 8% of all arrests.

HB 325 would lower the penalty ladder for the smallest amounts of Marijuana possession creating a sensible distinction between possession of very small amounts of Marijuana and larger amounts. The bill would also give police officers the option to either arrest or issue a ticket to a person possessing a small amount of Marijuana. Officers would still retain the ability to arrest and search if they choose. Like other Class C offenses, repeat offenses (4 or more) would elevate the charge to a Class B misdemeanor.

“Texas has one of the highest rates in the nation in terms of people arrested for marijuana possession, and some of the harshest penalties,” said Wu. “This bill takes a sensible and cost-effective approach to low-level Marijuana possession, and provides a fiscally responsible solution to an overloaded criminal justice system. I invite my colleagues to support this measure and sign on as co-authors.”


Fox 26 news has learned the Harris County District Attorney has instituted a policy in hopes of keeping innocent people from entering guilty pleas.

The DA’s office confirms they are no longer accepting guilty pleas on drug cases before the substance is tested by a crime lab. 


This policy change comes after several defendants found themselves exonerated last year after pleading guilty to substances that weren’t actually drugs. 


Opponents to this policy change say defendants could find themselves in limbo for long periods of time depending on how long the drug testing policy takes. 


It could also cause a backlog of defendants who can’t afford bail. 

Jeff McShan with the DA’s office confirms this change with the Factor. 



Attorneys for 43 year old Herman Whitfield will be back in court Wednesday for an update and conference on his case.

The man who was already serving prison time for an older kidnapping case has now been charged with 5 sexual assaults through DNA testing.

A reliable source says the Sunny Side resident came back positive with hits on at least 21 rape cases dating back to the 1990s. 

We’re told 19 of the victims are still alive and could be waiting on a day of justice.

Whitfield is currently being held in the Harris County jail after he was ordered removed to face the new growing list of charges by the state.

So far we have not heard back from Whitfield’s defense attorney.