One Houston resident is angry after learning he may just have to live with loud explosions at his home.

The man, who’s name we’re not releasing, is complaining about HPD’S bomb range near George Bush International Airport.

The resident says the loud explosions from the bomb range frightens his pet and shakes his house.

It’s been an ongoing issue for the last few years with residents who live near HPD’S training facility for the bomb squad.

Howerver, residents like Clyde Moody has accepted the noise he says as long as HPD notifies him before the blasts.

Moody says the department has done an excellent job with keeping him informed.

However,  the other resident, who recently started staying home in the day writes:

I have lived in the area for 12 years…until recently I have not been home during the day…That is when I noticed the loud explosions and my pet’s reaction, and the rattling of the windows when the explosions occur.

I am not aware of a notification list.  How would this make a difference if there may be possible long-term damage?

HPD is looking into this matter for the Factor.


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