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  1. Mary Dye April 12, 2015 9:57 pm 

    I have a son in second grade at Holmquist Elementary in alief school district. He was being taunted so much that he would display a lack of interest in life. The day he told me he dropped a fork at the lunch table and went underneath to get it and said he stayed under there. He told me maybe it would be better to kill himself. He says they talk about him because he puts ketchup on his burger. They say he walks to slow. It was daily bullying. I sent a note to his teachers and school counselor. The counselor made him feel better but I am afraid it may not be enough. I agree with Mrs. Adams proactive approach and having students going through the same pain join together to befriend another hurting student. There should be an active program implemented in every school. My little son is so meek and never fights and suffers being hit constantly and not only was his young spirit being killed but his life could have as well. Please start a proactive approach for students like him in his school and others.

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