Council Member Boykins and the District D office will host a job fair at Texas Southern
University on Thursday, May 21st to provide job training opportunities for individuals in
need of a second chance. This initiative will assist with addressing the City of Houston
workforce shortage and help to transform the lives of many marginalized residents. We
want to encourage active civic and community engagement by providing economic
opportunities and housing assistance. The economic vitality of our great city depends on
having a positive and productive workforce. Partners include Associated Builders &
Contractors of Greater Houston, Associated General Contractors of America –
Houston, Becoming One Community Foundation, United Airlines, City of Houston
Housing and Community Development, and City of Houston Human Resources.

More details to come.
Press Conference: May 6
– 8am, City Hall Annex, 1st Floor
Job Fair: May 21st
– 10am, Texas Southern University


  1. Therese Michael Melton Melton April 24, 2015 1:14 pm 

    Yes people should be given second chances the police departments should be investigating phtscians and nurses they are the worst kind of criminals I called the police here in saint joseph missouri to report that physcians and nurses are breaking the law the police did nothing said they could lie that its not a crime but if they would . Of called the police on me they surely would of investigated it these physcians that I am speaking of are comiting crimes involved in attempted murder I am pregnant have proof they are lieing and the whole city goverment and bussiness seem to be involved if you can help me out you may call me at 8165581692thank you therese melton

  2. Eric Carraway May 6, 2015 5:41 pm 

    Hello I just would like to say that I understand laws and rules and regulations I really do.but I believe that if the GOD I serve and believes in gives chances why not companies gives chances.yes I have made some choices in my past life time but ive grown and all I want now is to live productively and work but how can I when im unable to receive the chance to show myself to be a changed individual that wants better for myself…and not just I myself theres many out there who is really seekin the opportunity to work be productive and live as a working citizen taking care of his family and household.please help us so we can show a lot of people that even though you have had run ins and a troubled life there can be a time in your life you wanna change and become a better person and we can work hard.thank you……Mr.Eric Carraway

  3. helen ceaser May 8, 2015 5:36 pm 

    How well I know about laws, rules and regulations. Yes I;,ve made mistakes over 20yrs ago and yes this keeps me from being hired for certain positons. I jsut waant someone to give me the chance to start my life agin living good. . I can be the best worker there is. Let me prove myselof. Have a great wiork history….But my crimal background tends to stop a lot of my getting hired. . My life has changed so much . give me the chnace to prove it

  4. sheteria williams May 19, 2015 8:56 am 

    I think God is good for me personally I am not a criminal n I am very smart . Because of wrong place wrong time . I am still punished for a cr ok me I didnt do n I have to work low jibs cause of a.background . I thank God for my second chance.

  5. Diana May 20, 2015 1:19 pm 

    I will not write a long comment full of misspelled words… Just want to say it’s time to be an adult if you are in a hiring position; someone has spent 20 years building a career without an arrest – you might be the one with a problem if you don’t hire them.

  6. Darryl Speech May 21, 2015 12:26 pm 

    Hi my name is Darryl Speech Sr. I hoping to get an opportunity for a job but I’m not able to make by the university so I’m leaving this reguest.I have a class b cdl and unemployed at this time And I have ten plus years of experience and ten plus years of customer service.

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