Just as Sheriff Adrian Garcia plans to announce he is running for Mayor today – activists Quanell X has put together a protest of the Sheriff and the jail today:

WHO: Quanell X, Parents, Friends, Family, and Supporters of Terry Goodwin, Terence Lamant, & Norman Hicks

WHAT: Protest of Inmates tortured in the Harris County Jail

WHEN: Wednesday, May 6, 2015

WHERE: (In Front) Harris County Jail – 1200 Baker St., Houston, TX. 77002

TIME: 5:00PM

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  1. Anonymous May 6, 2015 1:27 pm 

    Why Would You Vote For This Man: James De Voge

    Rosie Rojas and Tom Hilton is backing this man:

    Arcola Police Chief Files Complaint with FBI over Councilman’s Racial Slurs
    By: John Pape

    Arcola Police Chief James Bartley has filed a complaint with the FBI after receiving sworn statements from two of his officers that a city councilman used racially derogatory terms, including the “N-word,” about him and threatening to have him fired.

    Bartley informed the council that he had filed the complaint at the end of his regular monthly report of police activities during Tuesday’s city council meeting. He said that longtime councilman James DeVoge had made the comments to two Arcola police officers in a recent conversation at city hall, repeatedly referring to Bartley with racial slurs and pledging to have him terminated.

    The officers subsequently reported the incident to Bartley. The officers also provided sworn statements detailing DeVoge’s comments.

    “This type of conduct by a city councilman is particularly objectionable since it included racial slurs and the use of the ‘N-word.’ That is highly unacceptable and inappropriate,” Bartley told the council. “We cannot let stuff like this go on in the 21st century.”

    Several residents present in the council chambers audibly gasped at the chief’s disclosure. Bartley also hinted at legal action, saying the matter would likely end up in court.

    “It’s about to make its way to federal court because it’s not going to be tolerated,” Bartley said.

    Bartley added that in addition to reporting the matter to the FBI, he also informed City Administrator Arnold Brown. Brown confirmed that Bartley had reported the incident to him and that he had received copies of the officers’ affidavits. Brown added that he had contacted the Texas Municipal League, which carries the city’s liability insurance.

    Councilman Greg Abarr said such comments had no place in city hall and would not be tolerated.

    “If the allegations are true, the person involved ought to resign,” Abarr said without referring to DeVoge by name.

    DeVoge was present during the entire exchange, but made no comment.

    In an interview with FortBendNow following the council meeting, Bartley said the recent incident was not the first.

    “I’ve been getting reports from citizens and employees that (DeVoge’s) been making comments like this for a long time. It’s completely inappropriate to refer to me or anybody with racial slurs or derogatory terms,” Bartley said. “I’m not going to take it any longer and it was time the
    DeVoge was not available for comment following the meeting.

    For Arcola to Grow
    Must GO!!!!!

    1. Also Rosie and Tom vote NO for the new apartment complex that would have paid the city over $200, 000 per year in taxes revenue. The apartment complex relocated to Sienna Plantation who gladly accepted the $200.00 per year in taxes revenue.
    2. Tom Hilton had an incident with his black neighbor and guess what word he used N—er.
    3. HOW in the HELL you let ROSIE ROJAS represented you. She has more code violations than any citizen in Arcola and she is not cooperating the city or the county.
    4. And finally look who both are supporting James De Voge a proven racist.

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