Every mode of transportation possible was used to locate a missing senior citizen in rural Fort Bend County.  The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s office took to air,  the ground and even water to try and locate 73 year old Alice Tovar.


She is a mother,  grandmother,  and still gainfully employeed hard working woman who hasn’t been seen in 24 hours.

Her Daughter-in-law Cathy Yanes says, “it’s an awful feeling I don’t ever want anyone to feel what we’re going through especially when you don’t know where they are. ”

Family members say Tovar braved the storm Tuesday morning to get to her job at the Chevron in Pleak. 

That’s when they say she ran into high water on Highway 36 near Gerken.

Family members say they found Tovar’s car with her purse and one shoe inside…

The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s office and Texas Equusearch are on the ground leading the search.

Captain Steve Holtz with Fort Bend County says,  “because of the flood yesterday the search area has expanded greatly because the water was out of its banks by at least 100 yards so that has increased our search area by quite a bit. ”

Family members to the matriarch stood around all night and day hoping for the best.  They even searched the rough terrain themselves with no success…

They were unable to locate the woman who was simply determined to get to work on a rainy morning.

“Very giving a hard worker we just want her home we miss her already you know it’s a nightmare, ” says Yanes.