Update: It appears Chad Holley was arrested Tuesday for violating 5 conditions of his 7 year probation sentence for a 2012 burglary.
Court records show the 21 year old failed to report to community supervision, did not keep employment, failed to get an offender identification card, ignored curfews, and he did not participate in an electronic monitoring program.

Documents show as a result of these violations a warrant was issued for his arrest on May 21, 2015 by Judge David Mendoza and he was arrested by the Houston Police department this afternoon.

Original Report:

Sources tell the Factor that Chad Holley has been arrested again.  The Harris County Sheriff’s office confirms Holley was brought in on a warrant related to the burglary of a habitation.  That warrant was issued back in May. Deputy Thomas Gilliland says where the records aren’t clear just yet but his arrest could be related to a parole violation associated with a past burglary. A source close to Houston officers say no cop really wanted to pick up the 21 year old because of the controversy associated with him during his arrest five years ago.  Holley was a suspect in a burglary when Houston police officers were caught on video brutally beating the then high school student after a short foot chase. This will be Holley’s third arrest since that 2010 incident. 


  1. staccee June 2, 2015 4:23 pm 

    Time to just lock him up in TDC for afew years.really sick of him and his ignorance of staying out of trouble. Give him ten years and be done with his stupid azz. No excuse for total stupidity.

    • Anonymous June 2, 2015 7:20 pm 

      You r so fucking stupid ass hole

    • James June 2, 2015 11:23 pm 

      I agree, a few years in TDC will open his eyes..

  2. S D SMith June 2, 2015 6:16 pm 

    Where is his mother

    • Anonymous June 2, 2015 7:19 pm 

      You r so fucking stupid

    • Anonymous June 3, 2015 7:01 am 

      He’s 21 what does his mother have to do with it.

  3. Shon g June 2, 2015 8:53 pm 

    Problems with probation and parole officers too. I was pregnant with triplets in the hospital for three months with proof they still locked me up. Cant fix one without fixing the other.

  4. jade his baby mama June 2, 2015 9:54 pm 

    Fuck y’all y’all don’t know shit I live with him he is working and moving me in our new apartment Friday he’s taking good care of his new born daughter which was born 3weeks ago so all u mother fckers can go to hell

    • Anonymous June 2, 2015 11:01 pm 

      Well now, aren’t we sophisticated with our third grade language!!! Typical!!! It was never his fault right?? Let me guess it’s all the police departments fault right? So how do you explain his second arrest for burglary of a habitation where he ran from the police AGAIN? If he has said job and moving you and your baby into a second rate apartment then why was there a warrant issued for him? Oh wait….let me explain…your going to blame it on the police and it was all their fault?? Take some responsibility and do society a favor….grow up and get a real job. Quit milking society’s money!!

      • James June 2, 2015 11:25 pm 

        Baby mama? You mean his girlfriend? Did u axx him if he wuz gonna git some skittles?

    • Anonymous June 3, 2015 3:04 am 

      1 :a broken-down, vicious, or worthless horse
      2 a :a disreputable woman
      b :a flirtatious girl

  5. Big O June 2, 2015 10:33 pm 

    Well we may or may not be going to hell but one things for certain CHAD HOLLEY IS GOING TO JAIL!

    • Anonymous June 2, 2015 10:53 pm 


  6. Anonymous June 3, 2015 7:33 am 

    Those violations are weak. He wont be revoked, he can be bonded out and just needs to do exactly as told.

  7. Anonymous June 3, 2015 7:45 am 

    It’s really sucks how the media exploits people and sets them up to be bullied and made fun of by the public. Media loves to tell less then half the story with it twisted up with an ounce of thier lies so their story sells. He’s not out committing crimes and guess what we are all at risk of so.e aspect of our lives being exploited by less than ethical people in the media trying to make a name for themselves. It’s sick and sad. #stopadultbullying

  8. Jade the mother of his child correction June 3, 2015 5:58 pm 

    The media is going to say any damn thing to put him under because of his name and as his support system of course I know more than anyone he has changed his life around for the better and yall just going of of the media and he only violated curfew for being in the hospital for being there while giving birth and having to work late on different like I said all the negatively can stop because he will be home they have nothing against him but a stupid time violations everything else is false information just because his name is chad Holley but the system will not win.UNDERSTAND THAT✌️✌

  9. Meme June 4, 2015 2:48 pm 

    But you ain’t the only BM he has a daughter that he never took care of….lock that nigga up

  10. Leah June 4, 2015 3:06 pm 

    Girl u dum as hell only a dumb baby moms would say that he changed lock his ass up & u aint tha only baby momma

  11. Anonymous June 6, 2015 3:16 am 

    I must have missed it but where is the follow up story on Chad Holley regarding yesterdays court hearing? Oh that’s right motion to adjudicate was dismissed and he is being released from jail. I guess that’s not news worthy because it doesn’t lend itself to bash, judging and criticism a 21 year old trying to move on with his life. If you tell the story tell the entire story and give the victim of your story designed to generate profit and readership the respect and benefit of the follow up story. Hey here is a better idea the media needs to implement some ethics around reporting and stop broadcasting the private lives, often hurtful situations, of private citizens. When this happens there is always an unpleasant fallout and results for the person who is the target of the media for sole purposes of the media and reporters benefit. Guess what we are all at risk so when you allow it to happen to one person without demand for accountability you could be next in line. If not next you can be guranteed of one thing, you are in the line.

    Media be more responsible, ethical and purposeful in the stories you report. Stop throwing people, their mistakes, lives or whatever under the bus for your gain. You dont ever stick around to assess or be concerned about the devestation that is the result of this vicious behavior on the target and we as a society need to begin to speak out so you know this is no longer acceptable. #stopadultbullying #stopadultbullyingbythemedia #bullyingisviolence.

  12. Meme June 7, 2015 10:12 am 

    Girl/boy fuck chad his ass needs to be n jail….fuck him n his feelings n yours to….the need to lock him up n leave his ass there….

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