One Houston man is very upset about the way some of the bike trails just abruptly ends.  He wrote the Factor seeking some help.  I wrote to the city of Houston’s Public Works Department and Alvin Wright says he is working on getting me an answer.  Here’s that email from the Factor viewer:

The Email:

As a cyclist intent on my health, I’ve been enjoying the Brays Bayou Bike Trail for decades.  I tolerated the disruption caused by the post-Allison Medical Center flood control construction, expecting an overall improvement to the trail through that part of Hermann Park. For the most part this turned out to be the case.

However, there are six points where the trail was simply not completed, and some of those have become increasingly hazardous.

The most dramatic of these are East and West of the Almeda overpass on the lower trail parallel with North MacGregor.

Parallel with South MacGregor, also East and West of the Almeda overpass, are longer discontinuities.  Visible as natural trails, they are passable as long as the ground is dry.

The final two discontinuities are on either side of a drainage culvert from the Medical Center into the Bayou.  The culvert is between Holcombe Blvd and Cambridge St, on the MacGregor side of the Bayou.  The trail was meant to go up over the culvert, then back down onto the lower trail.  On the Cambridge side of the culvert the discontinuity is steep, strewn with rocks, and yet is commonly traversed, including by me.

From what I’ve been able to gather, the city told the construction company that the Almeda bridge was to be rebuilt, so no need to connect the lower trails together under it.  The bridge plans fell through, the city called the construction company back, but the company declared the job finished.  The trail has been held up in court ever since.  Further, a few years ago a councilman involved in a large bike ride ordered a temporary connection that has since been largely washed away by multiple flooding events, leaving the hazard depicted in the attached photos.

Mayor Parker has often touted her Hike and Bike trail acumen. Although the problems at the edge of Hermann Park predate her administration, what is she doing to accelerate a solution?