The investigation of Kristen Lindsey for charges of Animal Cruelty was presented to the Austin County
Gra nd J ury on June 24, 2015. The Grand Ju ry retu rned a “No Bill” in this case. A find ing of “No Bill” ind icates
the Grand Jury examined all the evidence and determined there was insufficient proof to charge Kristen
Lindsey with a crime.
The Brenham Police Department initially referred the case to the Austin County Sheriff’s Office based
upon one unsworn hearsay report that Lindsey may have acted to protect her pets from a potentially rabid
stray cat in Austin County. After a thorough investigation, Sheriff’s Office investigators were unable to
confirm where or when the incident took place. Without this information, officers lacked probable cause to
obtain a search warrant for any Austin County properties in this matter.
It is a defense to an Animal Cruelty charge if a person is protecting his or her own pets from an attack.
Although evidence is insufficient that an offense occurred here, both Austin and Washington counties are
suffering from an outbreak of rabies cases, and at least one local resident is currently undergoing treatment
after contact with a rabid animal. Residents are encouraged to vaccinate all pets.
Subpoenas to Facebook failed to produce useable evidence, as the account was deleted the same day
law enforcement became aware of the matter. Without more information, the State lacks oroof that this
incident even occurred in the state of Texas. ln some jurisdictions of the United States, hunting stray cats is
expressly permitted. In the state of Wyoming, for example, citizens are permitted to hunt stray cats all year
with very little restriction. [W.S. 23-1-101(a XviiiXA); W.S. 23-3-103].