There’s one thing absolutely clear in my life… I will never buy another Samsung refrigerator or purchase a service agreement from Sears again.

My problems began way back in March when my Samsung refrigerator stopped cooling for the third time.

The good thing about my situation is I purchased an extended warranty from Sears and believe me I’ve had to use it time and time again.

Most recently the refrigerator stopped cooling again in March.  So I had no choice but to call Sears Home Services.
When the tech arrived he said the compressor needed be replaced.

He called Samsung and had a new one shipped under their warranty about two to three weeks latwr. Because it took a so much time to arrive I had to make a second appointment with Sears.

When that new compressor finally arrived I made the call for the second appointment.


When the second tech,  a different guy, arrived he said there was no need for a new compressor.  He said it was an extremely long and complicated job and he didn’t feel comfortable taking it apart.  (Seriously,  a tech afraid to do his job?) So that repair guy put some refrigerant in the refrigerator and it worked until the end of May.

I called Sears back and they sent a third tech out to take a look at it.

When he arrived he said while I had the compressor I needed there was still a third part the other repair guys forgot to include.

So I waited another week for the part to arrive and then called Sears to get another appointment.

By now it’s July and I’m frustrated.

The third tech arrives and spends an hour on the refrigerator and only installs that third part leaving the compressor on the table once again.


I asked him why he didn’t install the compressor and he said because it wasn’t needed and the refrigerator would be cool by the time I get home from work.

I get home and the freezer is still registering at 74 degrees,  exactly where I left it that morning.

I will never ever use these companies again… And just for the record all of the techs and lazy repair guys were contracted by Sears through a company called A&E Factory Service.

My advice to anyone out there is to never trust Sears or #Samsung problem plagued janky refrigerators.


  1. Raine July 3, 2015 8:49 am 

    Oh my, thought it was just me. My Kenmore from Sears with the extended warranty, been having issues with my ice maker, went through the same nonsense you have regarding the parts. Then one day the refrigerator decides to stop cooling so I called Sears again, this guy comes out and in minutes tell me I need a new refrigerator, it’s only 5-6 years old and it’s not a cheap model. So I cleaned the entire refrigerator and started looking for a new one that weekend. Don’t know what happened in two days, I opened the fridge it was cooling, maybe there was a powersurge & it purged my fridge computer. Well its 5 years later and my refrigerator is working like a charm, not sure what happened. Sears have the most incompetent and lazy service employees, it wasn’t always like that because my uncle back in the 80’s was one in Baton Rouge and he won several awards & on the side kept the entire family appliances up and running. Very disappointed Clear Lake area customer. Thanks for this article Isaiah

  2. jess July 3, 2015 10:47 am 

    I stopped using Sears in the early 80’s. They have sucked buckets for many, many years. Samsung is a third rate company in everything except TVs and they are second rate there.

    I’m so sorry that you’ve had these issues but I do appreciate your sharing this so that others will be advised.

    Much love to you.

  3. Derrick Hanna July 6, 2015 5:46 pm 

    The devil is busy if Isiah is talking bad about Samsung! My Samsung fridge has a ice maker problem. It works when it wants to. About every few days it stops working only to magically start again. I got 9 years out of it, so I should be happy, I guess.

  4. Jack Sparrow September 26, 2015 6:13 am 

    Even It had with me also! I had same experience with my refrigerator as the compressor is not working well after 7 month. they have given me 3 Years Warranty of compressor. !!

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