Lisa Castaneda

It comes down to who do you believe in this case.

Members of the Metro Police force took to social media over the weekend angry at one of their superiors.

The union that represents the cops posted on Facebook Metro board member and Harris County Toll Road Authority’s Deputy Director Lisa Castaneda became so upset after being issued a warning on the North Freeway that she had the HOT/HOV lane shut down.

Officers say this is when Castaneda was told she entered the high occupancy vehicle lane after it was closed to single occupant drivers for the day.

Union officials wrote once Castaneda was given the ticket (warning) she immediately called higher ups and a captain on duty ordered a review of several tickets including Castaneda’s. 

Metro has a different take on the issue saying Castaneda didn’t break any rules or exert her influence during the incident last week.

Here’s the full statement from Metro:

First, let us be very clear that METRO Board member Lisa Castañeda did nothing wrong.  She entered the HOT/HOV/ lane prior to the cut off time for single occupant vehicles.  She reached out to METRO to inform management that something was wrong since she knew she had entered the lane prior to that cut off window, yet she was issued a warning for violating the HOV occupancy requirement.

After Ms. Castañeda notified management, METRO Police instructed officers to turn over the tickets that were issued during that time frame for review, and then the officers returned to patrol the lanes.  The review revealed that drivers of three vehicles were issued occupancy violation warnings that should not have been issued. 

This is an unfortunate mistake and we apologize to Ms. Castañeda and the other drivers. We are also reviewing procedures to make sure that the signage and enforcement efforts are all in sync.          

Chief Vera Bumpers

METRO Police Department