Fox 26 news has learned the Harris County Medical Examiner has officially completed the autopsy of Sandra Bland. Tricia Bentley says their office must first get the permission of the Waller County Attorney before the exam is released to the public or media.

That report will likely be released today according to Bentley who is spokesperson for the Medical Examiner’s office!,


  1. Jared Guillory July 22, 2015 5:58 pm 

    I am not hearing some of the key questions being asked:
    1. Why would you take an arrestee’s belt and shoe laces and then put an industrial strength bag in the cell? (Which I doubt the county would spring for)
    2. Why wasn’t the suicide attempt first noted when the story broke? This would have given some credibility to the facility and not make it looked drummed up as an after thought. Besides, a lost child and suicide attempt are easily verified through medical records, which they don’t have to back this suicide.
    3. Why would the officer not instruct her to the rear of the car in view of the dash cam? I am sure he was trained to do so as the reason for the dash cam is for the safety and credibility for all concerned.
    Although I can’t speak towards the mindset of this county and arresting officer with assurity, we can all agree that negligence runs rapid within this institution, which is no excuse with loss of life and some stiff penalties should be incurred.

  2. Trina July 22, 2015 6:18 pm 

    Everyone that was working in that Jail on Monday should be prosecuted, there is no way someone could hang themselves with a trash bag!!

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