Torrin Smith went missing on his birthday leaving wallet, keys, money, cell phone everything from his home in Baton Rouge, LA.  He borrowed someone’s cell phone at that address on the flyer in Houston to make a call shortly after midnight the day he went missing. He called his Uncle Darryl who lives in the Houston area, but Darryl was in Galveston on business at the time.  The owner of the cell phone called back and spoke with Darryl and let him know he was concerned and said Torrin seemed in a bad way and needed help. He tried to catch him and ask him to hang out until Darryl could get there, but Torrin had already left and couldn’t be found by the time the conversation had ended. Darryl is a football coach for Texas Southern and has always been a big part of Torrin’s life, we think that is why he might have gone to Houston. 

Torrin has a disability which requires daily medication and he has not had the medication in several weeks.  Mentally, off meds, Torrin is like a 12 year old and tends to walk incessantly. We think he might have hitchhiked with a truck driver to get to that location.  He isn’t aggressive, just very skittish and afraid of people. We are afraid someone could have harmed him. They have not heard anything since that phone call and have been driving and searching the streets of Houston. We are trying to make as many people aware as we can, to see if anyone has seen him.



  1. Jacqui August 19, 2015 3:45 pm 

    It is my prayer that you find your nephew Godspeed in good health! Un Jesus’s name…Amen!

  2. Cheryl Erickson August 20, 2015 12:59 pm 

    Found this morning!!!!! God answers prayers! Thanks for your help Isiah!

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