The Factor has learned the team investigating the Sandra Bland death in Waller County is growing.

We’ve learned Waller County District Attorney Elton Mathis has sworn in five new prosecutors.

They will be charged with helping out in the intense investigation into the death of the Chicago native in the Waller County jail.

Bland was found dead in her cell on July 13th. The Harris County Medical Examiner ruled her death a suicide.

Others in the community and around the country believe foul play is involved.

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  1. Kylee August 19, 2015 1:27 am 

    They need to investigate this creepy video they put out…This whole case Is just creepy!! My boyfriend is a cop and even he said something is just not right with jail house footage actually with everything that has occurred…And as far the traffic stop Encinia did everything they are taught not too do & wonders why her car was not locked upped then keys & purse & phone was not transferred to the jail with her and put in her property, Encinia is a disgrace to the badge and what it means !! can’t understand why he was not fired, and stripped of that badge forever, We totally support Sandra and so do the cops in the NW …But I have to say this case literally keeps me up at night b/c I don’t care what anyone says nobody will ever convince me that this lady took her own life, and after seeing video below and watching it over and over it just creeps me out and something happened in that jail!! Also where are the EMT reports from traffic stop and jail it is policy to write detailed reports, even if someone refuses service, it’s weird that i never saw this one till today…I mean I saw the end but not weird parts and it make me have even more questions..The way they’re putting out jail footage is suspect itself…they are saying there is no audio but you can clearly see a volume button on control …

    VERSION 2015
    In all cases where Ems is dispatched, whether patient contact is established or not, a report will be completed detailing response to incident, patient contact, assessment, treatment, response to therapy and any events
    at the receiving facility. Records will include:

    ❑ Dispatched complaint
    ❑ Actual C/C and reason EMS called.
    ❑ Level of consciousness including GCS (minimum of baseline and ending)
    ❑ Physical exam findings.
    ❑ Complete set of vital signs upon arrival on scene, during care, and upon discharge. (at least 2 sets),
    ❑ Any diagnostic findings (ECG, blood glucose, SpO2, etc.).
    ❑ Any attempts and number of attempts offering EMS transport including any outside assistance.
    ❑ Condition of patient at presentation and discharge.
    ❑ Reason patient is refusing and patient understands the risks of such a refusal.
    ❑ Patient’s plans for seeking physician evaluation.
    ❑ Names of people present who witnessed patient’s refusal and your attempt to encourage the patient to seek
    follow-up care.
    ❑ All EKG tracings and Vital signs trending page.
    ❑ Pain scale if applicable (minimum of baseline and ending and after each pain management attempt)
    ❑ All applicable signatures.
    ❑ Hospital Face Sheet.
    ❑ Demographics and insurance information

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