Brothers and Sisters,

As we laid one of our brothers to rest this past week, all of us were more aware than ever that the
threat is real. Police officers are being targeted simply for the uniform they wear. There was no
provocation, no words exchanged…just the assassination of one of our own. When is the assault
on law enforcement going to end? And yes, I use the word assassination because that’s exactly what it was. Cold and calculated.

We have all seen or visited the memorial, which is set to be taken down by the end of the
weekend. But this begs the question, “What now?” The community, and even many state
representatives, have been nothing but gracious in their show of compassion for Deputy
Goforth’s family, and for that we are appreciative beyond words. However, when all the media attention dies down, and we are back on the beat as usual, what happens then?

Some say that social media is the modern “root of all evil,” and that is kind of hard to argue with. How else could all of the individuals, as well as organized groups, that are spewing hate be so well networked to spread their message of violence? Social media accounts are full of hatred and calls to target and kill police officers. It is not just talk. Those spewing this hatred and those
calling for violence are having an impact. They have also been given a platform by the media to convey the message that police officers are their enemy and it is time to attack that enemy from
ambush, from hiding. It is a difficult and dangerous time to be a police officer and not just because the increased
violence is aimed at us. The venomous and hateful statements of those we are sworn to protect
and defend, as well as public calls to kill and injure police officers, are horrifying. How can it be true that in America in 2015 we hear about the deliberate, vicious assassination of a Texas Deputy and, the very next day, the national news media repeatedly airs footage of demonstrators
calling for violence against police – “pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon.” There is a very real
and very deliberate campaign to terrorize our nation’s law enforcement officers.

Too many good men and women are doing nothing and saying nothing in defense of us, the
defenders. As a result, we now have the crisis of this nationwide trend of violence against police
The Metro Police Union will not be silent. We will not be afraid or be rendered paralyzed by
political correctness. We will not do nothing. The National Fraternal Order of Police is the
largest law enforcement labor organization in the United States, with more than 330,000
members. The FOP is a force to be reasoned with, but we have to make our voice heard. We will
not stop, we will not quit, and we will not be intimidated. We will work to protect you and work
to get those who should be speaking out to do so in our defense.
The National FOP has called on the Federal Administration to acknowledge this crisis and asked
them to work with them to address the violent surge against police. The National FOP has called
on Congress to expand the Federal hate crimes law to protect police, to reauthorize the
Bulletproof Vest Partnership Program and to fully fund the State and local law enforcement
assistance programs that provide the men and women in the field with the resources and
equipment we need to do our jobs and get home to our families at the end of our shift.
I have communicated to the National FOP Office our support for this endeavor. Please join me in contacting our legislators so that we can make this happen, and convey the need for them to
“have our back”.

Robert Lozano
Robert Lozano, President
Houston Metro Police Union
Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 98

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  1. Diane September 8, 2015 3:15 pm 

    Yes. Very much yes. It is absolutely a hate crime and should be handled as such.

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