The Black Heritage Society and Houston’s Junior Achievers are demanding assistance to the approx., 180 families, that’s over 500 individuals who have just learned that the entire apartment complex is officially shutdown. The Press Conference in front of Crestmont Village Apartment Complex 5638 Selensky Street immediately.

The Black Heritage Society and Junior Achievers believe more could be done to force “Slum Lords”, to be held accountable criminally and humanitarily. These Families are economically poor families and are only being given three days (3 days ) to move all of their worldly possessions, when many don’t have adequate employment and income nor appropriate transportation in order to accoumplish the task at hand.

“These people deserve a clean safe place to live with consistently working electricity, clean running water and properly flowing sewage. This has not be the case for quite some time here at Crestmont Village Apartments”. – (Sandra Massie Hines founder of Junior Achievers and Vice Chair of The Black Heritage Society).

“I believe that the City of Houston and Harris County should conduct a thorough investigation into behavior of the owners and management namely Denise Vatnin, Abe Vatnin and Teresa Gutierrez, in the meantime these people need assistance regarding their current and very personal plights.”- (Barry Thompson Senior Advisor of the Black Heritage Society).

“We call on the Mayor and City Council of Houston to do all that’s possible in addressing and fixing this humanitarian crisis, now, for these 180 Families. In addition, please remember that like all families, Black Families do matter, there for these families matter too”. – (Ovide Duncantell Founder of the Black Heritage Society).

Multiple interviews will be available upon request prior to and following the event.
For more information regarding the event or interviews please contact Barry Thompson at 832.894.3542. Or email: bhs.barrythompson@gmail.com or Twitter @HtownMLKStatue
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  1. Ashlei Hodge September 16, 2015 11:51 pm 

    I stay there it wasn’t liveable conditions light has always been a problem there and air conditioning also hot water mold and more I think these apt shouldn’t have been closed down and for the amount of rent you paid it wasn’t neither by whether the problem in the apartment or how management treated you I had to leave this month I couldn’t deal with those problems with a newborn baby

  2. Sandra Massie Hines September 17, 2015 6:32 am 

    We somehow deem following an agreement to the letter made to the the owners and apartment managers at Crestmont Village Apartmen ts, more important, than the salvagging of the tenants lives who are left in unsanitary, unsafe, and fearful conditions. Residents are dealing daily with mold, raw sewage in and out of their units, entire rooms of faulty electrical wiring, sewage back up in kitchen sinks, bathrooms kitchen floors. Families with infant to teen children, now living in “pitch black apartments and premises, elderly getting sick and hospitalized for days because of stince, babies developing asthma and getting sick due to black mold and sewage smells. This is now a Third World Country- this is America, where they reach out in humanitarian causes immediately- but leave those suffering in their own communities to fend for themselves! Thank you Fix 26 for putting a face to those who suffer in silence and voices need to be heard.

  3. Courtney September 17, 2015 1:47 pm 

    Tear them down and tear Crestmont West down along with them! I use to live in Crestmont Village and the people over there are the same way now that they were 20 years ago. They’re not trying to get an education or doing anything to better themselves and their lazy, section 8 way of living has finally done them in. Now they’re trying to be someone’s charity case. They should’ve been building a better community but instead they made it a breeding ground for drugs and crime.

  4. Barbara September 17, 2015 6:15 pm 

    My family and I lived in these apartments about 3 years ago. Air conditioning worked only one day had to result in getting a window unit. For two years we waited on an air conditioning part that never came. While living there having no power was a regular thing. Two fires in two months. Leaking roof every time it rained. City of Houston inspected all the apartments when I was there making promises but nothing. Management is unprofessiomal all the way around. Shooting and fights are the normal there. Its time someone makes some noise.

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