On September 25, 2015, a Montgomery County jury found Michael Rubino, age 52, guilty of Continuous
Sexual Abuse of a Child and Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child and then sentenced the defendant to Life in prison for each count. The Defendant was formally sentenced by Judge Hamilton on Thursday, October 1, 2015. The conviction for Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child means that Rubino will not be eligible for parole.

This case involved the sexual abuse of a child from ages 7-13. As in most cases of this nature, the child did not
outcry for fear that the child would be the one to get in trouble.

The lead investigator on the case was Detective Tom Gannucci, with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. Det. Gannucci testified that during his investigation he learned that the Defendant may have taken multiple indecent pictures of the child and was able to seize several electronic devices from the Defendant.

Det. Billy Ballard, with the Montgomery County Crime Lab’s Electronic Forensics Division, uncovered child pornography videos that the State felt they could link back to the Defendant and the jury agreed.

The case was tried by prosecutors, Nancy Hebert and Adam McLane, with the Montgomery County District
Attorney’s Office. Hebert credits Det. Gannucci and Det. Ballard’s investigation for making it possible to corroborate the testimony of the child at trial.

The jury heard about the details of the abuse from the child as well as what the child had previously revealed to Kari Prihoda, Children’s Safe Harbor, during a forensic interview, and what the child had revealed to the witness coordinator for the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, Ilda Rupert.
Nancy Hebert (Special Victims Divison Chief): “As with all of these type of cases, we never know how a child will react to testifying in front of their abuser. Yet, as in this case, I am once again, in awe at a child’s strength to testify and a child’s depth of courage.”

Brett Ligon (District Attorney): “We know Montgomery County juries give careful consideration of all the evidence when reaching their verdicts. In this case, the jury sent a clear message that the children who are brave enough to come forward will be protected. We can only hope that the message is received by anyone who would hurt a child.”

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