Patrick Quinn, a former Cy-Fair Independent School District Police Officer, pled guilty Wednesday to Official Oppression and was sentenced to one year in the Harris County Jail.


On August 11, 2014, Officer Quinn pulled over a woman driving along Jones Road in Northwest Harris County. He told the woman her insurance had expired and that he smelled marijuana in her car. Quinn then asked her to sit in the back of his

Cy-Fair ISD patrol car while he searched her vehicle. Officer Quinn told the woman he had found drug paraphernalia in her car and threatened to arrest her.  Officer Quinn then told the woman that he had a foot fetish and that he would let her go if she would allow his to smell and lick her feet. The woman told investigators and prosecutors with the Civil Rights Division of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office that when she removed her boots and socks and placed her feet on the passenger seat Officer Quinn told her she had a third option, give him her underwear. The complainant stated she was wearing athletic short under her skirt which she removed and tried to hand to Officer Quinn but that Officer Quinn did not take the underwear and told her she was free to go. 


A subsequent investigation by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office Civil Rights Division located three additional persons stopped by Officer Quinn and subjected to sexual comments and demands. 


“Police officers must be trusted to carry out their duties with the highest level of ethics and character,” said Civil Rights Chief Prosecutor Julian Ramirez. “They cannot be allowed to operate above the law and maintaining the public’s trust in law enforcement is essential.”


“The reality is many victims of this kind of conduct don’t come forward but, because of the courage of the victims who spoke up, Mr. Quinn will never again be able to use a badge to prey on the people he should have been protecting,” said Assistant District Attorney Allison Buess. 


 Patrick Quinn previously worked as a police officer in Victoria, Texas from 2012-2014 and McAllen, Texas from 2011-2012.