The Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO) Board of Directors has voted to approve a new two year contract for current METRO President & CEO Tom Lambert.  The new contract would take effect Nov.1, 2015 with an annual salary of $310,000. 

“I think this contract reflects all the hard work and successes of the agency under the leadership of Chief Lambert, including national recognition naming METRO the top agency in America,” said METRO Chairman Gilbert Garcia.

“It’s my judgment with Tom Lambert’s leadership that we’ve seen a total turnaround in METRO’s responsiveness,” said METRO Board member Jim Robinson.

“I want to thank the Board for your confidence, but I also want to  recognize the entire organization because this a team effort, ” said METRO President & CEO Tom Lambert.  “Where you see cultural changes, focus on customers, and highest of standards, that’s not simply one person.  That’s what we do as an organization.”

The contract would include annual reviews of performance conducted by the board and a buyout provision for termination without cause.  If termination without cause occurred within the first year and a half of the contract, the buyout would be the equivalent of one year’s salary.  If the termination without cause occurred within the last six months of the contract, the buyout would be the equivalent of 50 percent of one year’s salary.

The METRO Board will be working to finalize and execute the contract by Nov. 1.