Tuad Damonn Washington, 44 years old, of Houston, was sentenced to Life in prison on Monday October 26, 2015, in the 9th District Court, for Aggravated Assault against a Public Servant, from a January 2, 2013 altercation at the Woodland’s Mall where Washington attempted to run over a Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Deputy who was trying to detain Washington.  Washington will have to serve at least 30 years of his sentence before he is eligible for parole. 

Washington’s trial started on December 1, 2014, and was convicted by a jury on December 4, 2014.  Assistant District Attorney Andrew James prosecuted the case. 
Shortly after noon on January 2, 2013, Washington left the Woodland’s Mall and began walking to his car in the parking lot.  Mall security followed after Washington and MCSO Deputies headed towards the scene to apprehend Washington for making and attempting to make multiple purchases at various stores using credit cards that Washington had stolen from a woman’s car earlier that day. 

Video evidence introduced during Washington’s trial, showed Washington entering a black Jaguar sedan while MCSO Deputy Doug Houstoun and mall security officer Anthony Bernius attempted to detain Washington.  As Washington reversed from his parking spot, Bernius, pulled up in his security vehicle to block Washington into the parking spot.  Deputy Houstoun parked his patrol vehicle behind Bernius just moments later, approached Washington’s door, and ordered Washington out of the car. 

The now retired Deputy testified at trial that he drew his handgun and gave multiple commands to Washington to get out of the vehicle.  Instead of obeying Deputy Houstoun’s commands, Washington decided to escalate the situation by putting his car into reverse and ramming Bernius’s security vehicle twice to create space to drive away.  Washington then turned the wheel, put his car into drive and proceeded to begin driving towards Deputy Houstoun. 

Deputy Houstoun backpedaled and continued backing away from the approach of Washington’s vehicle as he aimed his gun at Washington and continued shouting commands to Washington to stop.  As Washington continued driving towards Deputy Houstoun, Houstoun feared that Washington was going to go through him in order to escape, so he fired a single round into the windshield of the defendant’s vehicle.  The bullet going passed Washington’s head and into the backseat of his car caused Washington to slam on the brakes and finally stop his car. 

Washington was quickly taken into custody by MCSO personnel. 
Washington’s extensive criminal history includes going to prison on four separate occasions.  His first time in prison was for Aggravated Robbery, then he went back on two different occasions for the crime of Felon in Possession of a Firearm, and his last stint in prison was for Burglary of a Habitation. 

Additionally, Washington was convicted of Possession of a Deadly Weapon in a Penal Institution while he was in prison for the first time.  Washington’s criminal history also includes felony convictions for theft, possession of a controlled substance, and six convictions for credit card abuse.  Washington also has misdemeanor convictions for criminal trespass, theft, twice for public lewdness, and three times for indecent exposure.