After years of financial troubles the city of Brookshire, just down the road from Houston, has a pretty bright financial outlook.

Mayor Eric Scott says his goal was to put the city in the black after facing deficits when he took office in 2013.

Financial records show Scott has remained true to his promise with a surplus and an increase in capital projects around the city over the last three years.

So how did Scott do it?

He says, “we maintained fiscal responsibility and an eye on the future.”

Scott also says strategic planning played a huge role in the city’s financial resurrection.

The city of Brookshire ended this fiscal year with over $750,000 in the bank.

The year prior to Scott taking office the city was $12,000 in the hole.


  1. Anonymous January 16, 2016 1:04 am 

    He did nothing of the sort. He is a man who is far less than transparent. He loves in secret. His voters say, what he does on his personal time is of no consequence to his leading the city. I saw him babbling to himself before traffic court one morning.

    He has remodeled parts of city hall without city council approval. He has had cats trapped and drugged without city council approval. He has told children at the local school that he “signs everyone’s checks” as his job. And uses the police for his personal transport. He is quoted by two sources that this is OK because Mayor Parker of Houston uses HPD to transport her.

    Talk to former council members. Get specifics from them too about our city fiscal responsibility. Until then this story is biased and in line with Scotts Folly that he had an administration.

    And then there was the Whataburger event. Lord.

    • Dr. Phill January 21, 2016 4:09 pm 

      Haters will be haters…..Its easy to sit back and speak negatively about what you perceive as bad and never give credit where credit is due. Some things never change and some people don’t either…

  2. Molly Jenkins January 18, 2016 10:03 am 

    I think that any small town in Texas that goes from -$12,000 in the hole to $750,00 in the bank, must be doing something right.

    The who, what or how (as long as it is legal) is important to the city as a whole. While you state negativity on his accomplishments, you embrace what is wrong.

    Maybe that is why Brookshire was going backwards before he took office.

  3. Molly Jenkins January 18, 2016 10:06 am 

    Support the positive and work “with” the administration on the negative, work together. Everyone in Brookshire will be a better place.

  4. Anonymous March 30, 2016 3:15 am 

    Brookshire is bright. It would be brighter to elect a mayor who is an advocate, an ally and honest. But we got a person who is off kilter. He may not go to jail or prison during his term but he may have already been in New Mexico. But back to Brookshire. It is a wonderful hamlet. Except for the crack huts. But none try to clean that mess. Oh they be condemning houses and taking dawgs and cats. But is not about nothing more than giving his boys dough. And this man got rolled. Rolled!! What is this ,1954? Damn and it’s on major news. Scraghly and no shoes. Now he say he saved the city fiscally. Time will tell.

  5. Ruth March 30, 2016 3:39 am 

    Dr. Phill,

    I agree with the statement under your name that states haters will be haters. In a free society people are free to be haters.

    In this free society, too, not praising someone else’s claim to fame, should not diminish it. If it is a valid accomplishment it will stand. Why are you seeking immediate gratification?

    For example, if I speak about how, let’s say, the Olympics have changed, and I never mention the medalists; that’s not hate. Those accomplishments stand no matter what I perceive. Bruce Jenner will always be one of the greatest men, now women, to excel in this arena

    If Eric truly kept Brookshire from going backwards then so be it. What I perceive, and even if I did hate him, would have no bearing on any claim to fame.

    Be thankful we live in a country where I can be wrong and still tell Isaiah Carey about it.

    Peace and love.

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