Update: Sources in Waller County say it appears the one year old child died from natural causes. That means there were no signs of foul play. The Harris County Medical Examiner is still awaiting a toxicology report. The body of the boy has been released to his family for final funeral arrangements.

The call to 911 came from room 112 at Brooke Hotel in Brookshire around 7 this morning. 

When EMS arrived a baby boy was dead.

Cynthia Johnson, who lives at the hotel, says, “all I seen was them carrying a body bag away.”

Reggie Brady also lives at Brooke Hotel. He says, “I didn’t believe it. It was very heartbreaking. ”

Investigators say the one year old was last seen alive by his family at 11 Thursday night…

A family that refused to talk to the media and left the Brooke Hotel all together.

We spoke with the manager of the hotel.

Tariq Baloch says, “they said they came from Austin…and the church helped pay their rent for the last week or something like that.”

The next door neighbors to the couple say there were three children living in the hotel room with their mother and her boyfriend.

Children who all appeared to be treated just fine despite law enforcement sources saying the family had a history with CPS.

Cynthia Johnson says, “from what I can tell…they were always outside playing. ”

The justice of the peace in Waller County who pronounced the child dead said there were no clear signs of trauma to the body and the remains are now with the Harris County Medical Examiner to determine the exact cause of death…

But for now it remains an active criminal investigation and a shock to those who are at the Brooke Hotel.