It was two weeks ago when we first reported a Kansas based company was the target of a civil and criminal investigation by the Waller County District Attorney.

Terracon was being investigated for trespassing and drilling for soil samples without permission on the proposed site for the high speed rail line.

Waller  County District Attorney Elton Mathis says this is after Terracon was told not to take soil samples from county property.

Now, Mathis says the company has returned all the dirt and soil samples taken.

He also says company execs have also apologized for their actions and now the case has been closed.

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  1. Christopher Aicklin March 9, 2016 11:26 am 

    That’s bullshit! Waller county needs to file charges on Terracon. They are very shady company who cheats on the paperwork and fudges scientific data. I worked there and had engineers tell me to change data to fit. I was fired and accused of stealing after I informed higher executives

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