Arthur Lovell was taken straight to jail after he was arrested last week for choking and stabbing a dog multiple times.

What’s shocking is what the Houston man told investigators while being charged with felony animal cruelty.

Listen to the prosecutor in court:

“The defendant gave a statement confessing to doing this to dogs frequently after having sex with them first. He walked officers through how he preserved the skulls of the dogs he killed and keep them as trophies.”

Police say it was at this car repair shop on South Breeze where Lovell first tried to sell a pit bull last Thursday.

Prosecutors say when no one wanted to buy the dog he became violent by stabbing the animal.

The people who work there didn’t want their identities shown because of the violence.

One man says, “the dog was just screaming but nobody wanted to get near him we were afraid that he might just react to that.”

Those workers say just last year Lovell became violent with a man at the garage after he questioned how he treated another dog.

That witness says, “he actually attacked someone here last summer because that person told him why is he messing with the dog and he said why you talking about my baby like that then he brought a knife and cut him with a knife.”

Remember Lovell admitted to having sex with dogs and eventually killing them.

Those who work at the repair shop are not surprised by that at all.

In fact, James who also wanted his identity concealed says he once witnessed disturbing behavior by Lovell.

“It was in the storage right there. So he went in there and saw the dog there and the dog came to him he picked it up was rubbing on it so we had to turn our faces,” said James.

James went on to say, “he treats a dog like a woman. He picks them up rubs them all over his body.”

Lovell remains in the Harris County jail with no bond and that felony animal cruelty charge for stabbing the pit bull.

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