From WE TV:

The women of Sisters in Law are raising the bar for the next generation of female lawyers. This week, self-professed “Warrior Lawyer,” Jolanda Jones stood out as lady litigator of the week. Here are five reasons why Jolanda is a Boss Lady of the Week:

1. She takes it to heart.
Jolanda turns personal experience into power in the courtroom. She was born into poverty, her brother was murdered and she survived an abusive long-term relationship. All of which helps her put her heart and soul into each case she tries.

2. Next-level investigator.
She uses a methodological approach to coach her clients into creating the best defense possible – even if it means reliving a nightmare.

3. Fighter for equality.
She’s not just a lawyer, she’s a civil rights activist. Growing up in the Third Ward of Houston, Jolanda fights to be a voice for those who feel they may not have one. Especially as she prepares her son, Jiovanni’s defense as she suspects he’s been a victim of racial profiling.

4. Political aspirations.
As if being a mother, lawyer and civil rights activist isn’t enough, Jolanda is running a campaign to become a member of the Houston Board of Education. If that does not make her a #BossLady, WE don’t know what does!

5. Taking things to new heights.
Jolanda is quite tall and she’s fearless when it comes to wearing six-inch heels into the courtroom with dual purpose – style and intimidation!

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