The following information from the Texas Education Agency was sent today to all Texas school districts, charters and education service center testing coordinators:

The purpose of this email is to provide an update to districts regarding the testing of students who experienced issues yesterday with missing responses due to inactivity.  

According to ETS, districts will be able to resume testing students Thursday, March 31, 2016 at 7:00 AM CT, if those students fall into any of the following three categories.

The test administrator realized that the student was inactive, stopped the student from testing, and did not let the student log back in to the test session.
The test administrator realized the student was inactive, followed instructions to log out and log back in, checked if they were active, and had the student take the test. The student completed the test but did not submit the test.
The student took a break, resumed testing, and then alerted the test administrator that responses were missing. The student may not have finished the test.
ETS has reported that they will be restoring all the student responses that could be recovered. The students should confirm that their responses are recorded before submitting the test. Campus personnel should continue to check that students’ status is active during the test session. 

For students who have not attempted to take a specific test this week, the required test(s) can be administered on Thursday or Friday.

For students who were not able to complete an online test because of the technology issues related to the STAAR online testing platform, districts are not required to have the students complete the test(s) and should feel under no obligation to do so. Rather, they should determine on an individual student basis whether continuing testing is in the best interest of the student. The agency will ensure that there are no adverse consequences for students who do not resume testing and for districts that elect not to have students resume testing. Subsequent correspondence will communicate how this testing decision will be fairly addressed in such areas as SSI requirements, performance-based monitoring, and accountability.