Press Release: Fox26 recently reported that a criminal investigation is underway at a Rent-A-Center store in Houston’s Third Ward. This comes after store employees were caught dumping bed bug infested mattresses on the side of the road within the community. I am demanding accountability for the store manager’s behavior for allowing such actions to take place.


Last year, I collaborated with two of our State Representatives to pass House Bill 273, which increases the minimum number of days an individual will spend in confinement for an offense of illegal dumping. For the most serious offenses, this bill proposes that an individual spends a minimum of 12 days in jail & face up to $4,000 in fines. With this accomplished, I worked with the Public Works Department to create and place “No Illegal Dumping” signs, with the penalties identified, in key locations throughout District D.

I recognize that illegal dumping is a serious issue that continues to plague many communities because it detracts from the overall character of our neighborhoods & greatly impacts the quality of life for residents. I am committed to stopping illegal dumping at all costs.

Dwight Boykins

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  1. Ju wi June 9, 2016 4:17 pm 

    Uhm, does he not have anything ELSE to do? SMDH

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