Harris County Sheriff’s Office Crimes Against Children investigators and in cooperation with Texas State Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE) have charged 37 year old Dr.Joshua Adam Robbins, a children’s dentist with attempted Indecency with a child.
Investigators were contacted by a clinical therapist in April of 2016, who had reason to believe that Dr. Robbins sexually assaulted a minor child. 
Clinicians are required by law to report patients they believe to have committed or will commit criminal offenses.
HCSO investigators were told by the therapist that Robbins had fondled a 14 year old juvenile female while he was staying at her family’s residence in 2014.
Investigators had no name or address of the victim, only the admission from Robbins that he had fondled a juvenile female.
After weeks of interviewing numerous witnesses and employees of Dr. Robbins, the victim’s family was located and an investigation was initiated.
The victim did not have clear memory of the incident, because Robbins had drugged her beverage with Lorazepam, a powerful narcotic.
The juvenile victim has been able to recall more and more events of that night after intensive therapy sessions.
Crimes Against Children Investigators presented evidence of the case to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office and the charge of attempted indecency with a child was accepted 
A Grand jury will review the evidence for any further charges on Robbins. 
The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public’s help for any other victims of Robbins to please come forward and notify HCSO Investigators.