A Harris County Sheriff‘s Office Detention Officer is being credited with saving the life of an emotionally distraught woman who attempted suicide by jumping from the San Jacinto street bridge.

On Saturday, August 6, 2016 at around 4:00pm, detention officer T. Sanders assigned to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office 701 N San Jacinto detention facility was on a break in front of the building when he noticed the 22 year old female crying and distraught on her cell phone.

He walked towards the woman to ask if she was ok, when the woman jumped on the ledge of the bridge and stated she wanted to kill herself.

D.O. sanders grabbed the woman and pulled her off the ledge and attempted to hold her so she would not follow through with her threat.

She managed to break free and climb on the ledge again stating she wanted to kill herself.

D.O. Sanders again grabbed her and pulled her to safety, instructing other citizens to run inside the detention building and summon help.

Other HCSO personnel responded and the woman was subdued for her own safety.

A Harris County Sheriff’s Office Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) deputy and clinician were called for the woman and a mental evaluation was done.

She was transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital for a mental wellness exam.

Detention Officer T. Sanders showed courage and compassion, his conduct continues to exemplify the core values of our organization, specifically, “Protect our citizens with honor and courage”…

Thank You Detention Officer T. Sanders

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    Good job!

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