The attorney representing the son of legendary NBA player Moses Malone has filed a $1 million lawsuit against a local bikini bar in Houston.

That civil suit was filed Wednesday by attorney George Farah on behalf of his client Moses Malone Jr.

Malone says it was back in June when he was attacked and robbed of $50,000 in jewelry outside of VLive Houston on Richmond Avenue.

Moses Malone Jr says he was robbed and attacked outside of VLive

Moses Malone Jr says he was robbed and attacked outside of VLive

Malone says that incident came after he wrote a post criticizing Houston Rockets player James Harden for charging youth to attend a basketball camp.

The lawsuit is seeking $1 million in damages from VLive saying the security force outside the club did not intervene as Malone Jr. was being attacked.

So far there is a warrant out for the arrest of two of the four people involved.


Two of the men have already been charged and arrested.

Sources tell the Factor at least three more individuals have been identified in the June 25th attack bringing the number to seven people who allegedly attacked the son of the NBA legend.

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