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After 18 years behind bars a Montgomery County man convicted of murder is being released.
It was back in 1998 when 41 year old Neal Hampton Robbins was arrested and later convicted in the death of his girlfriend’s 17 month old daughter Tristan Skye Trivet.  Today the Montgomery County District Attorney said he did not have the evidence to try Robbins again for the death of the child so the judge on the case released Robbins. This all comes after the testimony of the medical examiner back then came into question.  Dr.  Patricia Moore the pathologist said she could no longer stand behind her science that the baby girl was murdered.  Robbins will be released from the Montgomery County jail this afternoon.  Our Isiah Carey is in Montgomery County covering the story and will have a report today at 5 PM. 

Robbins was represented by Houston attorney Brian Wice in this case.  

Wice said a case like this is why he became a lawyer.  

This Friday on the Isiah Factor Uncensored boxing great Shannon Briggs, Eric B from Eric B and Rakim,  Kathryn Griffin Townsend who is making headlines for suing Ed Sheeran over his hit song…  David Amad from Open Carry Texas and Sean Whittmore go head to head plus Angela Box,  Carmen Roe, Mish Guillory, Carmen Contreras, Kathleen McKinley, and more this Friday on Isiah Factor Uncensored at 9 PM on Fox 26!  If you want to see it live come to Boudreaux’s on 610 @ Westpark in the Galleria Area. 
Also performing live is singer Kiland Lee! 

Godkin Booking

On Thursday, August 11, 2016, jurors in the 221st District Court of Montgomery County, Texas (Judge Lisa Michalk presiding) found Defendant Dell Ivan Godkin, 48, guilty of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child.

Later that evening, the same jury sentenced Godkin to Life in prison.

At trial, Assistant District Attorneys Sheri Culberson and Monica Cooper presented evidence that beginning in 2011, Godkin committed multiple sexual acts upon a girl who was younger than 14 years of age, and continued to do so for approximately four years.

The victim testified and told the jury about the abuse that finally stopped just a few months before her 17th birthday when she “made a deal” with Godkin that she would not tell anyone about what Godkin had done to her if he would stop sexually abusing her.

During the punishment phase of trial, Godkin’s ex-wife testified that Godkin beat her multiple times during their 12-year marriage. One of the assaults occurred after she had gone to their pastor at church seeking help. By the time she arrived home, Godkin knew she had spoken to the pastor and beat her because of it. The jury also heard from another of Godkin’s sexual assault victims.

However, due to the pendency of that case in another county, no information can be released at this time. Godkin will be eligible for parole in approximately 2046, after he serves at least one-half of his sentence.

istrict Attorney Brett Ligon was present for the verdict that was announced at approximately 10:15 p.m. and said he was very happy with the verdict and said that “this result showed once again the commitment Montgomery County citizens have to protecting its children and providing those victims with justice.”

Sheri Culberson, Chief Prosecutor: “We are very proud of the victims in this case. It takes a lot of courage to face your abuser during a trial like this. But, ultimately, the community is a safer place because of their courage and bravery.”


On yesterday Sunday August 14, 2016 we gave $5,000.00 to Phillis Wheatley High School to purchase school uniforms for students who are in dire need of financial assistance for the 2016-2017 school year.

This generous gift is in addition to the $8,000.00 we gave for a new set of commercial washers & dryers for the boys & girls athletic departments!

For the 1st time in Phillis Wheatley’s 89 year history they now have TWO sets of commercial washers and dryers b/c of the generosity and liberality of TEAM CORINTH! CORINTH CHURCH is CHANGING our COMMUNITY b/c we are a church who CARES!

Corinth Church is a TEAM full of WINNERS who enjoy helping others WIN too!  I truly thank, Dr. Thelma Douglass, Director of Student Affairs at Mount Corinth and every Corinthian who has caught our victorious vision on the positive principles of giving and contributed to the cause!

We are not a Mega Church but we have MEGA members involved in MEGA ministry.  Pound for pound, Corinth Church is the Mayweather of ministry! Corinth Church is Contemporary, Creative and Cutting-Edge!

Pastor Alan



United We Stand Basketball Game

Kirko Bangz and Propain

Kirko Bangz and Propain


Onwers of V-Live Houston


Rappers Propain and DJ XO

Rappers Propain and DJ XO


Alexis Robbie and Rebecca Briscoe




LaTasha Eleby, Wesley Harris, and Rebecca Briscoe


Photo by Wesley Harris

Photo by Wesley Harris

It was an event that attracted people to the table to address the growing divide between the African American community  and police around the country.

The big disconnect appears to be trust and that’s exactly what Houstonians focused on for the big charity basketball game that simply expressed unity in our community.
Houston rappers and entertainers faced off against police officers in the sporting event that was designed to bring both sides to the table to show there is room for dialogue despite high profile clashes between the police and communities around the country.

Some of the people participating in the United We Stand game Sunday afternoon in Houston were Propain, DJ XO, Kirko Bangs, and many more.

The teams were sponsored by nightclub V-Live Houston and Straight Lace Entertainment.

By the way, Straight Lace Entertainment’s team won the basketball game.

The event was organized by Latasha Eleby of Houston and sponsored by Double Dose Entertainment!


Publicist: Rebecca Briscoe

Marcus Bowers

Marcus Bowers

Warren Broadnax

Warren Broadnax

Even if it takes one backpack at a time the founders and owners of She’s Happy Hair is determined to make a difference in the community.

Owners and founders Marcus Bowers and Warren Broadnax opened the doors of their hair extensions stores to all the children in the community.

Kids lined up for book bags, tablets, pencils, paper, and much more to get their school year started off right.
Broadnax says, “we want to give back because we come from poverty…we’re self made entrepreneurs, we’re veterans and we’re Black owned and we just want to give to the unfortunate that can’t get it done.”

While dozens and dozens of kids smiled and the free gifts from the business owner Bowers says he wants to do more innovative and creative giving because the book sacks are getting old.

He says, “I would like to even do iPads for the kids to help them with their work at school and home.”

The guys at She’s Happy Hair aren’t done just yet…Next week they plan to give young boys free haircuts in the community.



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Here are the locations where you can pick up free school supplies Saturday August 13th:
3280 South Loop West

Houston, Tx 77025
11422 Southwest Freeway

Houston, Tx 77031
12722 North Freeway 

Houston, Tx 77060

Press Release from Dwayne Charleston:

When Sandra Bland died in a Waller County jail in mid-July of 2015 (Not sure of the date -given the jailers admission of falsified cell check logs), she had been denied medical treatment while in the care, custody, and control of Sheriff Glen Smith, and his staff. Waller County officials allege Bland took her own life, had self-inflicted wounds, and had mental issues.

Unfortunately, Bland did not live to tell her side of the story.

However, one man did. Meet Quincy Davis of Brookshire, Texas. 

So seriously sick, he could no longer walk, Davis was recently transported from the Waller County jail to the Tomball Regional Hospital while awaiting trial on criminal charges in Waller. Mr. Davis had been in detention for 780 days.  Charged with assaulting two police officers, the inmate’s bond was set at $150,000.  Davis could not meet the bond and made repeated request to have it lowered. All such requests were denied.

It was not until seven days after Davis was rushed to the hospital on July 18, 2016, and diagnosed with a severe case of Staph infection, that the judge in the case finally lowers the defendant’s bond to $50,000.  Once Davis bonded out, and was no longer being cared for at the expense of Waller County, Tomball Regional discharged and sent the defendant home.  Davis was still unable walk.

The very next day, July 26st, Davis is admitted to Ben Taub Hospital in the Texas Medical Center. According to doctors, and several witnesses from the jail, the defendant has contracted the Staph infection from having to crawl back and forth to the toilet and shower. 

As the defendant’s medical condition worsened, he incurred a neurological condition which led to a severe case of incontinence of his bladder and bowels. The jailers not only refused to treat his worsening medical condition, but also refused to issue pads and diapers to the defendant. He is now left to crawl on the floor of an uncleaned cell for several months in his own waste. Hence the severe wounds and infections, and subsequent loss of mobility.

Waller County Deputy Sheriff, Brian Cantrell wrote in a memo to his boss Sheriff Glen Smith, and Waller County District Attorney, Elton Mathis, alleging that the defendant had been hospitalized and diagnosed with a staph infection. Cantrell writes that the staph infection is a result of self-inflicted wounds (his belief, not the doctor’s). He then conveys the doctor’s sentiments that “inmate Davis has mental issues”.

Remarkably, neither the jail nurse, doctor, jailers, or other deputy’s considered the defendant mentally or medically ill, during the 780 days of his incarceration while awaiting trial. In addition, a team of private attorneys who had been assembled by Sheriff Smith to investigate the entire jail operation as a result of the Bland death, found nothing. Not even an inmate crying out for help, lying in his own waste, crawling to the toilet, in a cell contaminated with a germ, so deadly it could have led to Davis’, and other inmate’s, very death.


Charges have been filed against two suspects arrested following a Houston Police Department investigation into large-scale distribution of synthetic cannabinoids (Kush) in Houston.  

The suspects, Minh Dang (A/m, 42) and Tuan Dang (A/m, 46), are charged with two counts each of engaging in organized criminal activity in the 184th State District Court.  Photos of the Dang brothers are attached to this news release.  

More than 30 pounds of illegal narcotics were seized in the operation.  In addition, investigators recovered a firearm, vehicles and thousands of dollars in U.S. currency and gold bars.  

In June, investigators in the HPD Narcotics Division initiated an undercover investigation into an incident in which several homeless persons became ill after consuming synthetic cannabinoids in Hermann Park.  The Kush initiative targeted not only street-level dealers but also various locations where Kush was sold.  

Further investigation identified a retail chain, “Spice Boutique,” owned by the Dangs, whose three locations were found to be selling synthetic cannabinoids.  Both men were arrested on Tuesday (August 9) and subsequently charged.  Four additional suspects, employees of “Spice Boutique,” were arrested and face charges of engaging in organized criminal activity and falsifying drug test results.  Photos of these four suspects are not available at this time, pending further investigation.  

HPD Assistant Chief M. Curran said, “This is a another great example of the Houston Police Department’s partnership and collaboration in our effort to protect the Houston community from dangerous substances that found their way to our streets.  Synthetic cannabinoids have been a large issue in our city and this particular operation was another major step in getting this illegal substance off our streets.”  

The enforcement efforts are continuing with more arrests and charges possible.  


The attorney representing the son of legendary NBA player Moses Malone has filed a $1 million lawsuit against a local bikini bar in Houston.

That civil suit was filed Wednesday by attorney George Farah on behalf of his client Moses Malone Jr.

Malone says it was back in June when he was attacked and robbed of $50,000 in jewelry outside of VLive Houston on Richmond Avenue.

Moses Malone Jr says he was robbed and attacked outside of VLive

Moses Malone Jr says he was robbed and attacked outside of VLive

Malone says that incident came after he wrote a post criticizing Houston Rockets player James Harden for charging youth to attend a basketball camp.

The lawsuit is seeking $1 million in damages from VLive saying the security force outside the club did not intervene as Malone Jr. was being attacked.

So far there is a warrant out for the arrest of two of the four people involved.


Two of the men have already been charged and arrested.

Sources tell the Factor at least three more individuals have been identified in the June 25th attack bringing the number to seven people who allegedly attacked the son of the NBA legend.





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