The question many had Wednesday night in the Third Ward was is Sugarhill closing for good.

The answer to that question according to the owner is no. 

Dozens of people packed into the night spot on Southmore for what many thought was the last evening for the club that’s been open for the last four years. 

Rob Wright owner of Sugarhill

However, Rob Wright, one of the owners of the popular upscale lounge says the business is simply transitioning.

He says they’re undergoing renovations at the facility to add a kitchen and a different flavor if you will. 

Wright says the business will now have more of a focus on food…He said specifically Cajun and Creole cuisine.

Wright says the changes will likely take a month or so and he’s hoping to reopen in time for TSU’s homecoming which is schedule for October 22.

In the meantime, there will also be a name change for the business as well. 

So, when you return in October the hostess will likely say welcome to Live Oak.

Rob says the name comes from a nearby street in the community where the business is located.